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Jigsaw is Tom Crossley; musician, producer and psychedelic adventurer. Based in Melbourne, he frequently plays at parties, festivals and clubs in Melbourne and around Australia. Having released tracks on Sundance and Vertigo Records, Jigsaw is now stepping up to release his debut EP 'Pleasure Machine' with Electric Power Pole Records released on the 8 April, 2012.

Now writing electronic music for 10 solid years he and is beginning to articulate characterised sounds that are alive and breathing. Jigsaw’s taste for eclectic soundscapes and quirky structures makes his music interesting and different, and allow complete freedom for unique ideas to flow into each track. Very much it’s own flavour, Jigsaw’s music is a constantly evolving moment that is progressive and psychedelic. Music for the head, as well as the legs, Jigsaw holds onto an original concept while still endorsing the familiar elements of groove and funk.

'Pleasure Machine' from Beatport

'Pleasure Machine' from Juno

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