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Back to Mars





Born in Brazil, Back to Mars (Marciana) has lived in Europe for a number of years now. Psytrance got into her life when she arrived in Amsterdam in the late 90's and moved into the ELF, a big squat that housed a community of many artists, musicians, DJs, producers, painters, shamans and freaks.

Her style is either Minimal Progressive Psytrance or Dark Psytrance and she often likes mixing the styles to create a journey, enjoying the freedom of doing that which fits the time and suits the place.

In Amsterdam, she also plays Deep House, Lounge, World music and Tech House in lounge bars.

After enjoying a number of her sets at various parties over the last European summer and feeling like we were on a similar trip we just had to ask Marciana if she would like to represent electric power pole in Amsterdam and around Europe! We are also happy to announce that Marcia has also placed the finishing touches on her first compilation for epp 'Radical Stimulus' which has been released digitally as of the 26 February, 2014 featuring a mixture of uptempo dark psytrance and minimal progressive tracks. We are also happy to announce that Marcia is under way with a follow up compilation which will hopefully see the light of day in the second half of 2014, stay tuned for details....

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'Radical Stimulus' at Beatport

'Radical Stimulus' at Juno

a sneak peek at Radical Stimulus as on the epp soundcloud page







Fracas a.k.a Nathan Hemsworth began djing goa/psy-trance around 1996. He began his career djing in the local forest areas, pubs and clubs, and beach parties on the north coast of NSW whilst studying audio production at Southern Cross University. Nathan moved back to Sydney in 2001 and has been on the production trail ever since. After meeting Michael Norris (Nobus) in 2003, MeleE was formed and they began gigging in late 2005. MeleE ceased playing together in 2006 but not after the provision of a track 'Get It Off' on the 'Blackout' compilation album release of the same year and since then Nathan has been focusing on his solo project, Fracas.

He has played solidly at a number of shows including the Regrowth Festival by Regen, Cairns Winter Solstice festival, Track 2 and Track 6 in the Aussie bush under the epp banner as well as the Borrowed Time album launch parties in both Sydney and Melbourne (in which the 'Pressure On' track was provided for) and a number of parties in and around Sydney including Canberras Dragon Dreaming Festival.

Providing tracks on the current 2012 epp compilations 'The Flip Side' (Agwa Saga) as well as 'Problem Child' (Dragon) compilation, the year was a big one for Nathan including his long awaited debut digital ep 'Bizarre Dimensions', released on the 12 June 2012. In addition, Fracas has provided a track (B Grade Rapper remix) on the 'Myriad Expressions' compilation focusing on morning psytrance styles, released in November, 2011 showing his diverse range of production skills. Original in style and 100% psychadelic, look out for a Fracas dosage to entertain your mind in 2014.......

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Bizarre Dimensions on Juno

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Electric Power Pole Records are happy to welcome German artist Frechbax (Sebastian Auer) to their stables and are very proud to be helping him with the release of his second album ‘Wolkenkratzer’ under the E.P.P.R banner, officially released on the 2 December, 2011.

Producing and mixing progressive psytrance since 2001, Sebastian who lives in the German city of Freiburg located on the edge of the Black Forest, quickly soon became a regular performer in the southern German and Swiss psytrance scene culminating in the production of his debut album 'Frech' in 2005. The following years saw Frechbax play at numerous festivals and events within Germany and Switzerland and throughout the world including the Aurora Festival in Greece, events in Israel, India and the United Kingdom and the Winter Solstice Festival in tropical northern Australia to name a few.

Frechbax has been continually pushing his progressive style with a number of digital ep releases throughout the last number of years which has now evolved into the completion of work for his second full length album which we are very excited to be associated with. You can hear more Frechbax tracks on the Pot Shots digital ep releases, stay tuned hopefully for more Frechbax groovers into 2014.

Wolkenkratzer from the psyshop

Wolkenkratzer from goastore

Wolkenkratzer from beatport

Wolkenkratzer from juno





Hedonix are Rob and Steve, two discordian popes hailing from Sydney, Australia. They have been producing music together since 2001 and have had releases on Electric Power Pole Records (Australia), Cosmic Conspiracy Records (New Zealand) as well as other various labels throughout the world as part of compilation releases. The music which Hedonix produce is a direct reflection on their personalities in that it is funky, quirky and fun. They tend not to limit themselves to any particular genre of psychedelic trance but set out to combine the best elements of all the styles and other electronic music genres while making sure to keep each track groovy, twisted and full of surpises.

Hedonix are conduits of what Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson christened the head revolution: Hedonic Engineering And Development. Anyone who learns how to push his or her own buttons, debug old and obsolete programs, re-program and meta-program his or her own imprinted and conditioned circuitry, can then make a quantam jump in neural efficiency. Higher intelligence, greater emotional equilibrium, acceleration of change and growth, intensification of experienced time, are just some of the ammusing and instructive programs possible. We can all learn to use our brains for fun and profit. in that case, we can all become members of the illuminati - self programmers, co-creators of our own reality.

After their debut album 'Order out of Chaos' released in 2009, epp are very happy to report that the long awaited second Hedonix album 'Guerrilla Ontology' was released as of the 27 February, 2013. Stay tuned for further Hedonix releases in 2014 including tracks on 'Mouth Wash' plus other compilations in the works....

Guerrilla Ontology from the psyshop

Guerrilla Ontology from Beatport

Guerrilla Ontology from goastore

Guerrilla Ontology as reviewed by Psyreviews

Order out of Chaos from the psyshop

Order out of Chaos from goastore

Order out of Chaos from Beatport

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Jigsaw is Tom Crossley; musician, producer and psychedelic adventurer. Based in Melbourne, he frequently plays at parties, festivals and clubs in Melbourne and around Australia. Having released tracks on Sundance and Vertigo Records, Jigsaw is now stepping up to release his debut EP 'Pleasure Machine' with Electric Power Pole Records released on the 8 April, 2012.

Now writing electronic music for 10 solid years he and is beginning to articulate characterised sounds that are alive and breathing. Jigsaw’s taste for eclectic soundscapes and quirky structures makes his music interesting and different, and allow complete freedom for unique ideas to flow into each track. Very much it’s own flavour, Jigsaw’s music is a constantly evolving moment that is progressive and psychedelic. Music for the head, as well as the legs, Jigsaw holds onto an original concept while still endorsing the familiar elements of groove and funk.

'Pleasure Machine' from Beatport

'Pleasure Machine' from Juno






Leopardtron is Danny Jaap and Manuel González, a psytrance act based in Madrid, Spain. With a background in the study of violin, classic and electric guitar as well as other instruments like percussion or Didgeridoo on top of his qualifications as a sound engineer, Danny fell in love with psytrance while studying overseas in Sydney, Australia in the early 2000’s. Manuel discovered psytrance while vacationing in Ibiza and since then he has been a Dj in the undergroung Madrid area.

After they both returned to Madrid they embarked on the adventure of creating their own unique style of psytrance, the results can be described as dark psytrance with percussive textures and a hint of old school goa. Through numerous years of hard work featuring crystal clear production standards, their sound has evolved to a stage that epp are proud to announce that their debut ep 'Galactic Royalty' has been digitally released as of the 5 November, 2013.

'galactic royalty' at beatport

'galactic royalty' at juno

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Meltdown is progressive producer Adam Tandowski aka Dj aDaM T. Based in Sydney, Australia, Adam has been involved in promoting & DJ'ing at parties since the early 90's. Responsible for running Australias main online trance & psytrance portal - Australiens.net, Adam performs both DJ and live sets regularly across Sydney @ numerous indoor & outdoor events and has been billed alongside some of the biggest international trance artists and festivals that Sydney offers.

His highlight performances include "Svihov Festival" held at a castle in Czech Republic, Outdoor trance
parties in Florence, Italy, "Psychedelic Dreams" festival in beautiful New Caledonia, "The Awakening"
festivals alongside FREq, Andromeda & Vibrasphere as well as "Erisian Fields" alongside Hallucinogen, Antix + more. Meltdown has also contributed tracks for the Noctopus compilation as well as the Martin Fitzgerald File compilation.

Muggi Dane






Rasmus “Moses” Joergensen has been a musician since the day he could walk. Starting off as a drummer he played over a number of years in several bands and projects till he learned the ways of the force and began producing electronical music. Moses has been released on a number of reputable labels such as Zenon, Groove Zone, Crotus, Velvet Inc, Novatekk, Plusquam, Mikela Bella, Brainwarp and Cosmic Conspiracy and now  Electric Power Pole.

In 2002 Moses had his first release with the duo-project “Loopiter” and his first solo-release was on Zenon in 2004 which paved the way for his so-called “funky minimal forest style." Many releases followed and the gigs piled up. The next major release was the album "Bug Eyes" a debut album for Bufo which was a collaborative project with fellow Danish artist Psy-Pox. This was released on Conspiracy Records in 2006. Since this time Moses has come to be hooked on minimal electro and has been producing as “Muggi-Dane.”

Knowing his love of minimal tech and trusting his ear for good music, Electric Power Pole invited Moses to put together a minimal tech compilation titled "Tech Tales", released in April, 2011. Excited by its reception, epp followed up with Tech Tales II (July 2012), Tech Tales III (May 2013) Tech Tales 3.5 (December 2013), Tech Tales 4 (May 2014) and now the latset in the series, Tech Tales 4.5 (November 2014) all compiled by Muggi Dane. We are also happy to report that the electronic tech side of trance is in good hands as Muggi Dane continues to create amazing compilations for epp with more planned for the future.....

Muggie Dane on Soundcloud

red two




Paul Anzellotti (alias dj red two) is a psychadelic / psytrance dj who is originally from Sydney, Australia. The founder of Electric Power Pole Productions creating indoor and outdoor psytrance/trance parties in and around the Sydney region since 2002, from 2004 onwards, Paul has been co-director of Electric Power Pole Records formed out of Electric Power Pole Productions.

Paul has been responsible for the compilation of the previous various artists releases, 'Borrowed Time' in 2009, 'Noctopus' in 2010, 'The Flip Side' (February 2012), 'Problem Child' (October 2012), Pot Shots (November 2012), Pot Shots ii (June 2013), Mouth Wash (January 2014), Pot Shots iii (April 2014), My Red Syndrome (July 2014), The Black Cat (October 2014), Pot Shots iv (February 2015), Have you seen my lost brother Ray? (September 2015) and The Letter Two (February 2016). In addition 2016 plans to be a big year of releases with a number of releases in both cd and digital form looking at all things psychadelic.

Paul has been djing since 2004 and along with the running of epp records and now djing as 'red two', his musical sets have encompassed a wide array of unreleased music (especially Australian in flavour) and a style featuring constant mixing in of tracks, a continual building up of layered beats to keep the dance floor grooving. Preferred styles include night time psytrance, chunky psyprogressive, transitional sunrise sets from night to morning styles and flowing progressive. Partygoers should expect the unexpected in a red two dj set, a constant and quick mixing of tracks and styles to maintain the musical energy levels with the psychadelic element always at the forefront.

red two on Soundcloud

Roeth & Grey





Roeth & Grey is the enduring and leading independent producers from Russia, consisting of Daniel Roeth and William Grey. Working together since 1993 they based their work from sampler subculture with trance elements and have formed and moulded their sound with a strong mix of electro-tech, progressive trance and a touch of the vintage demo scene.

Enigmatic figures within the avantgarde of Russian electronic music scene, Roeth & Grey have created a name for conceptualism and innovation freatured firstly on epp via a number of track inclusions on the Tech Tales compilation series. We are very happy to say that 'In Money We Trust' their full leangth album was released by epp in October, 2013, the album combining funked upped grooves with glitch sci-fi dance orientations with a pulsating beat always front and centre.

Always creating and producing, Roeth & Grey are bound to feature on more further epp releases in 2014. In that regard we are happy to announce that a new digital album titled 'Wrong Turn' containing fresh new tracks has been released as of the 25 June, 2014. The album contains 13 new tracks destined to get you up and dancing..........

wrong turn from psyshop

wrong turn fron juno

In Money We Trust from Psyshop

In Money We Trust from Beatport

Roeth & Grey on Soundcloud







Sunrunner was born from a blazing ray of sunshine that burst through a legion of puffy white clouds one sunny Australian afternoon in November. Starting out as a small ball of light, Sunrunner eventually became more of a consciousness and acquired some technology to start working on music. After many nights of producing random blips and beeps, things started to sound a little less like a computer shorting out and more like a piece of electronic music.

Combining trippy sounds, lush pads, emotive melodies and percussion, Sunrunner’s sound is reminiscent of the Australian bush and outback on a slightly psychedelic afternoon. His music has been heard around parts of Australia and as far abroad as Finland and Japan.

Temporary Unknown





Joel Crusoe aka Temporary Unknown has been producing music since 1998 and lives in Linköping, Sweden, south of Stockholm. Using Fruityloops and several VST plug ins and fx's, Temporary Unknown has been a constant long time contributor to Electric Power Pole Records providing tracks for our first 3 compilations, 'Location: 2 Hours from Sydney', 'The Martin Fitzgerald File' and 'Blackout' respectively released in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Joel specilises in progressive and dark progressive trance styles with his tracks both apt for daytime and night time surrounds.

Glitchy and left of centre, bass driven and always catchy, Temporary Unknown provides a sound which is not your normal style, rather taking you on a journey through the Swedish forests and lakes of Joel's surrounds, strange twists and turns always filling the music with surprises. We are happy to announce that the last number of months have been very productive for Temporary Unknown with tracks on both latest epp night time compilations 'The Flip Side' and 'Problem Child'. With more and more tracks on the production line we are also happy to report the release of his debut digital ep 'Questions' released 22 January, 2013.

Definately keep a look out for additional Temporary Unknown tracks for your listening and dancing pleasure on future Electric Power Pole Record compilations including Pot Shots ii (released June 2013) and Mouth Wash (January 2014). Always producing Temporary Unknown is a constant on epp releases with many more tracks planned in the future, enjoy!

Questions on beatport

Questions on juno

Temporary Unknown on Soundcloud

Third Drop Reflection




Barry Anthony was born in a small town in central Europe, then raised In Hamburg Germany until his family moved to Sydney Australia when he was just seven years old. At the age of ten, Barry started his musical lessons which sadly only lasted a short five years.
Then in early 93, Psychedelic Trance Found Him which re kindled his love for playing the keyboard in 1998 from which he has never looked back.
In the year 2000 Barry founded Doofpix.com ( which now has a vast array of photos from trance parties throughout Australia ) and also his Dj career as "SurReal" playing along side greats like Richard Ahlberg and Infected Mushroom amongst others.
In 2002, Barry Anthony joined Rez Khan ( Dreamthief ) and began Producing in Studio Vöi-Vöd as "Locrian" which quickly brought them both into the limelight after playing Live along side Fractal Glider, Ticon and then Live support for Logic Bomb.
In 2003, Rez Khan announced his move to Melbourne Australia Which in turn enticed The birth of "Third Drop Reflection" A swirling stream of uplifting melodies with a small taste of dark and haunting turns.
Now just under two years in the passing, Third Drop Reflection has since been signed with EPP Records, a healthy amount of live gigs supporting international producers and Dj's, two compilation releases and an album out early this year.

Barry Anthony also has interests in Ants, Hyenas and Sticks of different shapes and sizes.

Vacuum Stalkers






Vacuum Stalkers is Daniel Roeth and William Grey from Moscow, Russia and the latest addition to the Electric Power Pole Records stables. Inspired by a progressive symbiosis of contemporary scientific and technical ideas inspired by audio-visual technologies, science-fiction elements and cyberpunk culture, both Daniel and William have a long history in the field of programming samplers, sound design and multi format specialisation.

Beginning to work together in 1993, they have 3 independent projects, Koan - responsible for ethnic lounge, ambient, cinematographic and documentary scores, Fatum - Sci-Fi for electronic experimental collages / landscapes and Vacuum Stalkers for progressive, tech sound compositions.

‘Aelita’, the third album and first physical album release for Vaccuum Stalkers’ has beeb released by Electric Power Pole Records on the 27th January, 2012. The Russian duo have produced an album that is progressive, driving and littered with sounds and melodies that you would expect to hear on an album that pays tribute to sci-fi. The name of album is taken from the Soviet sci-fi novel "Aelita" (1922) by Alexey N. Tolstoy and which was later made into a silent film, one of the first full length feature films about journeys in outer space.

'Aelita' from beatport

'Aelita' from juno





Widespread is an offshoot for proceedings for Nathan Hemsworth commonly referred to as ‘Fracas’ and presents an alternate, scaled back progressive outtake on all things psychadelic.. Debuting at the Canberra Dragon Dreaming Festival 2008, this progressive, psychedelia mix has become a life of its own with Nathan playing a number of live shows including the 2009 and 2010 Cairns Winter Solstice Festivals to name a few.

Thumping fat bass, progressive in feel and groove but with an underlying psychedelic twist at any moment, Widespread also feature in epp´s 2010 progressive release 'Noctopus', dibbling also into ambient and chill tracks looking for the distict sound which goes bing for your listening pleasure. Widespread also featured in a number of Melbourne events in 2011 including the 'Myriad Expressions' launch party on the 28th October as well as the line up for the Yellow Sunshine People Gathering Festival on the 10th December. Look out for some more widespread offerings on the 'Pot Shots' compilations as well as on future releases in 2014....