Fruit.....latest compilation released 7 December, 2016






An assortment of tracks and variety as the key, 'Fruit' is served to you as a take on the progressive style with open ideas, falling into minimal, electro, funked up veins of influence. 'Fruit' aims for diversity with 9 tracks from artists from here, there and everywhere on the compilation. Established producers and new faces mix to maintain the epp records tradition of underground grooves, fresh sounds, different takes for dancefloor consumption, banana bounce included to enjoy with 'fruit' to go

Digitally available as of the 7 December, 2016 from various outlets including beatport and juno, we hope you enjoy the tunes.....

fruit at beatport

fruit at juno

a sneak peek at 'fruit' as mixed by dj red two on the epp soundcloud page

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