My Red Syndrome...New Digital Compilation released 23 July, 2014






With energy to burn, 'My Red Syndrome' is another epp created look at all things that get you stomping during both night and daytime hours. The 7 artists featured take on various psychedelic styles all with thumping high paced bpm ramged tracks, swirling and crashing in a journey of galactic musical ping pong. 'My Red Syndrome' invites you to let the dancer come out and explore the energized side of trance with the sole aim of getting you up and shaking it to the beat of a different drum.

Digitally avaliable as of the 23 July from various outlets including Beatport and Juno......

my red syndrome at beatport

my red syndrome at juno

a sneek peek at my red syndrome as on the epp soundcloud page

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