Tech Tale 5....latest compilation released 4 june, 2015






getting the funk to your junk, tech tales 5 is another shot across the bow of trance music inviting you to get up and dance, lose it and be awake to the happening sounds to once again underline the tech tale in every listener. compiled by the hand of denmark's muggi dane, this edition stakes its claim with 11 tracks of bing and bang, electronically fused influences of progressive, minimal, experimental, electro, techno and whatever else you can think of to present a full meal of dancing stimulation with dessert to boot.

digitally available as of the 4th june 2015, cd available as of the 5th june, enjoy tech tales 5 in all its freshness and slyness, to have fun with and most importantly get up and dance to....

tech tales 5 at psyshop

tech tales 5 at beatport

tech tales 5 at juno

a sneak peek at tech tales 5 as mixed by red two on the epp soundcloud page

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