Tech Tales 4.5...latest compilation released 26 November, 2014






The Tech Tales series takes another step towards cementing its position at the forefront of electronic tech trance with 10 fresh tracks once again served to redefine the underlying tech tale in every listener. Compiler Muggi Dane reaches deep into his bag of tricks to assemble artists from around the globe with crisp beaths, grooving rhythms and a dose of psychadelia for good measure. Tech Tales 4.5 is a study of trance, funked up and always imaginative to maximise results for your mind and body.

Digitally available as of the 26 November, 2014 you can catch 'Tech Tales 4.5'  from numerous outlets........

tech tales 4.5 available at beatport

tech tales 4.5 available at juno

a sneak preview at tech tales 4.5 as on the epp soundcloud page

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