tech tales 5.5....latest compilation released 16 december 2015






On another journey of sonic sounds, Tech Tales 5.5 is a tour de force of electronic intensity, steaming into your conscience to release the tech tale in every listener. Featuring 10 tracks once again hand picked by compilor Muggi Dane no stone is left unturned to get you moving to the tech trance beat, polished grooves from the underground shaking their way though an assortment of bings and bangs to hypnotise you all over. Another jolt to your senses, Tech Tales 5.5 is digitally available as of the 16th DEcember, 2015 digitally from various outlets....

tech tales 5.5 at beatport

tech tales 5.5 at juno

a sneak peek at tech tales 5.5 as mixed by red two on the epp soundcloud page

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