Tech Tales 6....Latest Compilation Released 11 August, 2016






Building on the reputation of the diverse outlay of previous releases in this series, Tech Tales 6 once again compiled by Denmark’s Muggi Dane is a compact and twisted contribution that keep you grooving and dancing to all things electronic, progressive, chunky techno and minimal. Bursting at the seams with a mixed bag of 9 tracks, Tech Tales 6 is a relentless beat, tribal at its core and full of rumbling bass lines to make a landscape of rhythms, addictive to continual listens at home or on the dance floor.

We hope you enjoy the next instalment in the series to be released digitally on the 11 august from various digital outlets including beatport and juno, with the cd version available on the 17 August, 2016 check it out and enjoy our latest tech tales edition!

tech tales 6 at psyshop

tech tales 6 at beatport

tech tales 6 at juno

a sneak peek at tech tales 6 as mixed by dj red two on the epp soundcloud page

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