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Muggi Dane: Caveman Thrills (The Remixes)






Denmark's Muggi Dane has created an impeccable reputation for quality in guiding the Tech Tales series for epp records and creating solo releases of electro techno tracks with 100% groove effect. This is now taken to the next level with his track 'Caveman Thrills' shared amogst friends in a remix treat which sees Spirateq, Mr Chippy & Artena, Dreamstalker, Vaeya and Zentrix all giving their unique take on his minimal monster.  Caveman Thrills (The Remixes) is digitally available from various outlets including Beatport and Juno as of the 26 October, 2016....

'caveman thrills (the remixes)' at beatport

'caveman thrills (the remixes)' at juno

A sneak peek at 'Caveman Thrills' (The Remixes) as mixed by dj red two on the epp soundcloud page

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