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Multi Tul: Badlands






Epp records are proud to release the debut ep of Multi Tul 'Badlands' which sees Germany's Janosch Wolf sharing his track for others to manifest with original's and remixes destined for serious dance floor activity. As one half of Sonic Tickle, Janosch has used Multi Tul to channel a trippy funked uppsy prog electronic beat with Zeamoon, Millivolt, Zathura and Kapt'n Abenteuermassig adding their remix touches. Badlands is the perfect introduction to the sonic channels of Multi Tul and has been digitally released on various outlets including Beatport and Juno as of the 14 September, 2016....

'badlands' at beatport

'badlands' at juno

a sneak peek at 'badlands' as mixed by dj red two on the epp soundcloud page

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