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Tech Tales 6.5






Tech Tales 6.5 is a milestone release for epp records, number 10 in the Tech Tales series going strong since 2010. compiled by our friend and master of ceremonies, Denmark's Muggi Dane, this edition is a monster, the biggest one yet with 14 tracks to surely get you in a celebrationary mood. Covering a vast array of electronic styles, all tracks are quality cuts of energised minimal, techno and electronic beats which will redefine the tech tale for every listener to be enjoyed over and over and over

Digitally availabe as of the 8 March, 2017 from various outlets including beatport and juno we hope you enjoy this special release....

tech tales 6.5 at beatport

tech tales 6.5 at juno

a sneak peek at tech tales 6.5 as mixed by dj red two on the epp soundcloud page

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